Saturday, July 9, 2016

Is your time worth more than $5?

Find out how SEO Services in Fiverr starting at $5 only will help you Boost your Traffic & Rankings. is an amazing website where you can get or hire someone to do small jobs (called “gigs”) for only $5. The types of gigs available are a marketers’ dream world because of the variety of the gigs, the skill levels of the sellers, and the amount of time that you can save.

Fiverr is an excellent way for a marketer to get their feet wet in the world of outsourcing. You don't have to take bids from hundreds of people vying for your job posting and you don't have the pressure of choosing the “right one”.

It's like a marketing shopping center where everything is the same price. The seller posts what they are willing to do for $5 and you either hire them or someone else. You just place the jobs you want done and checkout.

The other great thing about Fiverr is that you don't have to bounce from one outsourcing website to another. Yes, maybe you can get things cheaper in one place or another, but you would probably prefer being able to keep everything “under one roof.”

One of the most amazing things that Fiverr should teach you though is how valuable your time is. Too often people try to be the C.E.O of their business (Chief EVERYTHING Officer). When you look at you will see people willing to do the types of things that: 

1.) You are not good at  
2.) You don't enjoy doing or  
3.) You have no clue how to do

So you have to ask yourself a very important question: “Is your time worth more than $5?

Let me explain it this way...

If you see a gig on Fiverr that you are currently doing that job yourself, then you shouldn't be doing it.

Since your time IS more valuable than $5 then it only makes sense to pay someone to “replace you” in that function and focus your skills in areas where you can earn much more than $5.

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